Tunak Ecotourism Park


Tunak Ecotourism Park is one stop destination through community-based ecotourism concept. Tunak also known as “Hidden Paradise” in Lombok, NTB. Tunak cottage is managed by local community group, called by Tunaq Besopok with 4 aims, such as; Forest Cconservation, Business and Leisure, Education and Research, as well as Healing and Retreatment.


The period of the project is: 2015-2020.

Currently, TWA Tunak is developing the 2nd phase period of collaboration.


The project is located at Ecotourism Park (Taman Wisata Alam) Gunung Tunak, Central Lombok District, West Nusa Tenggara Province


  • Development of Master Plan of Tunak Ecotourism Park
  • Construction of building facilities such as; Visitor Center, Multipurpose building, Guest Houses, Butterfly Learning Center, and also development of forest trail
  • Capacity building for local people and local government as well as MoEF officers.
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