Peatland Restoration


Responding to forest and land fire in 2015 which has burnt a large number of peatland area throughout Indonesia, Korea Forest Service (KFS) and Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) shape a Joint Peatland Restoration Project in Jambi Province particularly in Londerang Peat Protected Forest (known as HLG Londerang). Located in the border of Muaro Jambi and Tanjung Jabung Timur District, the project will contribute txo the sustainable restoration of peat ecosystems, improve the community livelihoods in the villages around the project site.


The period of the project is: 2019-2022


The project will be implemented in Londerang Peat Protected Forest (known as Hutan Lindung Gambut – HLG Londerang) and 10 villages in the surrounding.


  • Community-based restoration of the peat ecosystem in 10 villages in Mendahara-Batanghari Peatland Hydrological Unit
  • Restorating about 200 Hectares of peatlands in HLG Londerang
  • Development of mini education center in one selected village
  • Establishment of a web-based, real time monitoring system connected to the MoEF’s system covering the arreas
  • Capacity building on protection and management of peatland ecosystems
  • Promotion of the Project to internation forums
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