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As the 6th Korean Co-Director of KIFC, Cho was assigned by KFS in January 2022. He got a forestry degree from Kyungpook National University, Korea. Before joining KIFC, he worked as Director-General of the Western Regional Office of KFS. Due to his service and dedication, Cho got several awards from the Korean Government such as Presidential and Prime Minister's and Citations.
CHO Junkuy
Korean Co-Director
Danu was assigned as the 4th Indonesian Co-Director of KIFC since August 2020. He has master degree from Faculty of Economy - University of Indonesia, with his bachelor degree is from IPB. Before join KIFC, he previously works for FORDA related to cooperation, publication, planning, so on. His last position is Deputy Director of General Affairs and Finance, Secretariat of FORDA.
Uus Danu Kusumah
Indonesian Co-Director
Sugeng Marsudiarto has been joining with the KIFC since February 2014 as the Indonesian Co-Director, and since August 2020 as the Advisor for KIFC. He is Master graduate on Development Training and Education, from the University of Wolverhampton (UK). Previously, he working for the Ministry of Forestry since 1985. His last position is Deputy Director at the Directorate of Social Forestry.
Sugeng Marsudiarto
Kim was assigned as the Project Manager of the Peatland Restoration Project since December 2020. He graduated from Chonnam National University, Korea. After the Officer Candidate Course in 2001, served as a FSO at the 20th Division and as a Liaison Officer at the 7th Corps Artillery in Republic of Korea Army. Besides that, Kim also active in World Organization of the Scout Movement.
Kim Hyoung Gyun
Project Manager (Peatland)
Lee Young Ju is joined KIFC as General Affairs Manager of Korean Co-Director. Her role in KIFC is an expert on communication and project management. Previously, Lee finished her bachelor degree at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea, and then continued master degree from University of Indonesia in 2005.
Lee Young Ju
General Affairs Manager
Syifa graduated from IPB University, majoring in Forest Management. She joined KIFC in 2015 as project officer for project management unit of Korea-Indonesia FMU/REDD+ joint project at Tasik Besar Serkap, Riau Province. After the project was completed, Syifa continued her career in KIFC as an administrative unit.
Syifa Alfiati
Administrative Officer
Pandu is a forestry graduate from IPB University. He joined KIFC in 2020. He previously works for NGO, Yayasan WWF Indonesia, as Technical Assistant of Kalimantan Forest and Freshwater. Currently, as a program officer of KIFC, his role is to support KIFC's activities and projects, as well as as the media publication and communication.
Pandu Andhika Prakasa
Program Officer
Debora joined KIFC in 2022 and was in charge as a project officer of the peatland restoration project in Jambi. As the project officer, she provides support in managing resources, implementing project activities, and monitoring progress. In addition, she completed her bachelor's in forestry at IPB University in 2021.
Debora R. R. Sitompul
Project Officer (Peatland)
Daus is an agriculture graduate from Jambi University. He joined KIFC in 2021 as a co-field coordinator for peatland restoration project in Jambi. He provides technical and field supports in project's implementation, monitoring, and evaluation, as well as to ensure the field activities are carried out according to the work plan.
M. Ismi Pirdaus
Co-Field Coordinator (Peatland)
Rizky is a forestry graduate from IPB University in 2013. He used to work at Rumpin Seed Source and Nursery Center (RSSNC), a nursery project facilitated by KIFC. Currently, he has been in charge in peatland restoration project in Jambi. His role as technical field team is to arrange and ensure the technical aspects of the field activity.
Muhamad Rizky Jamaludin
Technical Field Officer (Peatland)
Before joining the peatland project team in Jambi, Lila has several experiences related to peatland since 2016. She used to work as a field facilitator on peatland at WWF Indonesia and Peatland Restoration Agency (BRG). Prior to the current position, Lila worked as an admin and finance coordinator at Green Indonesia in Jambi.
Lila Paramita Dwi Tiyarani
Administrative Officer (Peatland)
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