KIFC Members Visited Tunak, Senaru and Natural Forest Conservation Office Lombok

KIFC Team and the member of Forest Conservation Office Lombok visited Tunak and Senaru on 24-25 March 2015. The Team member was :            

KIFC Team :

  1. Mr. Oh Key-pyo                              (Director KIFC)
  2. Ir. Sugeng Marsudiarto, M.Sc      (Co-Director KIFC)
  3. Mr. Moon Jongpil                           (Project manager KIFC)
  4. Ms. Lee Young Ju                           (Assistant Director KIFC)
  5. Mr. Lee Hyoun Woo                      (Director Korea-Indonesia Forest Cooperative)

Forest Conservation Office Lombok Team           :

  1. Dr. Ir. Widada, M.Sc.                         (Head of Forest Conservation Office-Lombok)
  2. Ir. Agus Budiono, M.Sc                     (Head of Rinjani National Park)
  3. Kurniasih Nur Afifah, S.Hut, M.Si   (Staf of Forest Conservation Office Lombok)
  4. Field staffs of Tunak

The objectives of the visit was :

Visit to Tunak was intended to see the condition of the field related with the plan of KIFC to develop technical design for supporting building at Tunak as well as trail design.
While visit to Senaru was intended to see examples of supporting building for natural recreation that are already in operation, which is expected to be as bench marking for the development of supporting building at Tunak.

Prior to the field visit, On 24 March 2015 at 15.30 – 17.00 PM the Team held a meeting with the Head of Lombok Forest Conservation Office (Dr. Widada) and his staffs, and Head of Gunung Rinjani National Park at the meeting room of the Forest Conservation Office.  The meeting was also attended by representative from Provincial Tourism and Culture Services. Some notes from the meeting were :

  1. As already planned, in the year of 2015 KIFC will develop technical design of supporting building (information Center and kiosks) and trail of Tunak and also landscape miniature of Tunak.  It was agreed at the meeting with the Director of Forest Recreation of MoEF and Head of Forest Conservation Office Lombok held in Jakarta on 13 March 2015, that the architecture of the supporting buildings would be combining Korean architecture and local traditional architecture.
  2. The Head of Forest Conservation Office of Lombok mentioned that the development of infrastructures (road access, electricity and water supplay) will be the responsibility of Indonesian Government.
  3. The development of technical design for buildings and trails would be done by Korean Architects in collaboration with local Architects;
  4. On 6-7 April 2015, the Korean Architect would conduct a preliminary survey to the field to find out the outline of the field conditions, prior to the implementation of a detailed survey later.

On the second day, on 25 March 2015, the Team visited Tunak Natural Recreation Forest and Senaru.  It was informed that part of two coastal areas inside the area of Tunak Natural Recreational Forest were included in  the permit that has been granted to two private sectors.   Therefore, KFC contribution in development of Tunak will focus on the area around the entrance gate. It will be consulted to the Director Eco Tourism, MoEF.

Since, there are some parties involve in the development of Tunak, there must be a synchronized plan among the parties, KIFC, permit holder and the conservation office of Lombok. 

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