Forest Fire Management Training at the Mini Education Center Camp

KIFC organized the Mini Education Center Camp on June 17-18, 2023, at the Mini Education Center in Kenali Pine Forest, Jambi Province. The purpose of this camping event was to promote the Mini Education Center as a hub for studying and gathering information about sustainable peatland management in Jambi Province. In addition to learning about peatland, participants had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in extinguishing fires at the Manggala Agni office.

Over 57 participants from 18 institutions joined this two-day event, mainly comprising students from senior high schools and universities in Jambi Province. KIFC acknowledges the importance of educating the younger generation in Jambi about forest and land fires, as well as restoring burnt peatland areas, considering that Jambi Province is known for its susceptibility to forest and land fires. The theme of “Generasi Muda Jambi Peduli Hutan dan Lingkungan” (Young Generation of Jambi Cares for Forests and the Environment) was raised for the Mini Education Center Camp, encompassing a series of sessions designed to educate students.

During the opening ceremony, Mr. Akhmad Bestari, Head of the Jambi Province Forest Agency, shared remarks about the government’s efforts in forest fire mitigation. One of these efforts includes utilizing Water Modification Technologies to generate artificial rain during the dry season.

On the first day, participants were introduced to peatland ecosystems, with Agus Sumarli, the stakeholder engagement specialist of WARSI, providing insights. Subsequently, Debora Sitompul, the peatland project officer, explained KIFC’s involvement in the restoration of burnt peatland in Jambi. Both sessions aimed to provide fundamental knowledge about peatland ecosystems and restoration projects for burnt peatland areas. Following this, participants engaged in forest fire management training at the Manggala Agni Daops Kota Jambi office, where they had the opportunity to extinguish forest fires using manual equipment and water sprinklers.

The Mini Education Center Camp also provided an opportunity for participants to showcase their artistic talents through performances and bonfire activities. During the bonfire session, participants made a commitment to become ambassadors for sharing information about forest fire prevention and peatland restoration in Jambi.

On the last day, the participants learned about the workflow for seedling production at the Permanent Nursery of Batanghari Watershed Controlling and Protected Forest. Cici Afriyani Alma, the technical officer, mentioned that the nursery aimed to produce 500,000 seedlings in 2023.

The series of events concluded with the recognition of three outstanding participants during the Mini Education Center Camp: Abimanyu Maulana (MAN 3 Kota Jambi),  Ryandika Maulana Sitompul (SMA Yadika), and Fitri Khairunnisa (Jambi University). Overall, the Mini Education Center Camp emphasizes the importance of active involvement by the young generation in Jambi Province in preventing forest fires and participating in peatland restoration efforts.

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