Training Program for Graduate Students of Kookmin University

A group of students from Kookmin University, Korea recently visited Indonesia as part of an Indonesia training program, which was conducted from 14 to 23 February 2023. The main objective of their visit was to improve their understanding of Indonesia’s tropical forest and to learn about Korea’s forestry cooperation with Indonesia through official development assistance (ODA).

The group consisted of 6 professors and 14 graduate students from Kookmin University’s Department of Forestry, Environment and Systems, and Department of Forest Products and Biotechnology. During their one-week stay in Indonesia, the students visited several sites, including Jakarta, West Java, and Central Kalimantan.

Firstly, the team visited the Korea-Indonesia Forest Cooperation Center (KIFC) office on 15 February in Jakarta to learn about KIFC’s role as bilateral organization between Korea and Indonesia, as well as to learn a brief about Indonesia and Indonesian forestry. The visit also included a visit to the forestry museum and the SEETF project in Bogor, as one of examples of projects facilitated by KIFC.

On the 16 February, the group visited the IPB University and Bogor Botanical Garden (KRB, where they learned about Indonesia’s flora and fauna and interacted with students from the university’s forestry department. In addition to the program, from the 18 to 21 February, the group went on a field visit to PT. Korintinga Hutani (a plantation forest and wood pellet factory) in Central Kalimantan. They also visited the Tanjung Puting National Park, where they had the opportunity to learn about an example of a tropical forest in Indonesia.

The visit was a valuable experience for the participants, who gained a deeper understanding of Indonesia’s tropical forests and the country’s forestry practices. It also provided an opportunity for the participants to interact with Indonesian forestry professionals and students, as well as to learn about Korea’s forestry cooperation with Indonesia.

Overall, the visit from the students and professors of Kookmin University to Indonesia was a great experience. Academic and cultural exchanges such as these play an important role in fostering global understanding and building bridges between nations.

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