Efforts of Rantau Panjang Village in Utilizing the Potential of Peat Area

The TK-PPEG of Rantau Panjang Villages

Rantau Panjang is a village located in Kumpeh District, Muaro Jambi Regency, Jambi Province. Based on the topography category, Rantau Panjang Village is located in a lowland area and mostly consisted of a peat swamp area. This village location is also close to the Batanghari River and is considered as one of the buffer villages for the Peat Protected Forest (known as Hutan Lindung Gambut “HLG”) Londerang which previously had a massive forest and land fire in 2015.

As a buffer village for HLG Londerang in conserving its ecosystem, Rantau Panjang village, in 2022, is receiving support from the cooperation project of Korea-Indonesia through KIFC (Korea-Indonesia Forest Cooperation Center). By establishing Peat Care Independent Village or Desa Mandiri Peduli Gambut (DMPG) program, the main aim of this village is to empower the community welfare and prosperity with an activity of cultivation and hatchery of fish (gabus and toman). This activity is implemented by a community group called Tim Kerja Perlindungan dan Pengelolaan Ekosistem Gambut (TK-PPEG) Rantau Panjang which consists of community representatives.

The activity of cultivation and hatchery of fish is using floating cages and utilizing the ecosystem of Rasau lake which is located in Rantau Panjang village. This program is expected to improve the community’s economic welfare by utilizing the potential of the Rasau lake ecosystem which is located in the peat area, as well as to improve the community’s awareness and involvement in efforts to conserve peatlands. In addition, through this program, the deforestation that often occurs due to encroachment, illegal logging, and forest fires could be avoided.

Rasau Lake, the location of the floating cages of program.

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