Courtesy Visit to Gunung Walat University Forest

Gunung Walat University Forest (GWUF), well-known as Hutan Pendidikan Gunung Walat (HPGW), is an educational-research-based forest under the faculty of forestry and environment of IPB University. The GWUF is implemented through thridarma perguruan tinggi (3 mandates; education, research, and community services) in the international standards for achieving sustainable forest management. GWUF was established in 1968 through Decree of Ministry of Forestry No. 188/Menhut-II/2005 Jo SK Menhut No. 702/Menhut-II/2009 with a total area of 359 Ha.

On Friday (22/07), KIFC had an opportunity to visit GWUF in Sukabumi Regency, West Java Province. The KIFC team was welcomed by Mr. Lufthi, the Executive Director of GWUF, and he presented about the establishment, history, and function of GWUF itself. Since its establishment, GWUF has had success and an impressive journey in bringing its functions, it’s proven by over 3-hundred published research and around 43 foreign countries’ visitors.

The visit from KIFC is together with the field activities from IPB University called “Praktek Lapang Kehutanan”. This activity was conducted annually by forestry students to introduce them to forests and give their well-knowledge in-field practices. Furthermore, during our visitation, the GWUF team also introduced their efforts in implementing financial independence through pine & Agathis resin tapping and selling activities, community empowerment through agroforestry, and a CSR program on tree planting and carbon stock.

Group photo with forestry students from IPB University
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