KIFC’s Peatland Project presents during the XV WFC in Korea

Mr. Kim Hyoung Gyun shared KIFC’s experience in restoring the Londerang Protected Peat Area.

On Monday (2/May), the Project Manager of Korea-Indonesia Forest Cooperation Center (KIFC), Kim Hyoung Gyun, shared KIFC’s experience in restoring the Londerang Protected Peat Area at XV World Forestry Congress (WFC) in Seoul, Republic of Korea. He shared KIFC’s experience on Peatland Restoration in Southeast East Asia: Challenges and Opportunity Panel Session along with Mr. HE Gandi Sulistyanto (Indonesian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea); Mr. Vong Sok (Head of Environment Division, Assistant Director of Sustainable Development Director, ASEAN Secretariat); Mr. Adam Gerrand (Chief Techincal Advisor (CTA), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations); Mr. Brad Sanders (Head of Operation, Restorasi Ekosistem Riau (RER)); and Mr. Robert Nasi (Director General CIFOR).

Mr. KIM shared KIFC’s ongoing project which is a peatland restoration project in Jambi through 3R approaches. (Rewetting, Revitalization, and Revegetation). In this opportunity, Mr. Kim shares KIFC’s best practices working together with the local community in 3R approaches. Active participation and ownership of the local community also the local government in Jambi is needed to ensure this restoration program can run sustainably later. Mr. Kim emphasized that only through active cooperation and collaboration between MoEF, KFS, KIFC, local government, and community this project can be implemented successfully and be useful to local community around the project site in Jambi.

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