KIFC’s Co-Directors Visit to Rumpin Nursery

The new Korean Co-Dir of KIFC (Mr. Cho Junkuy) and Indonesian Co-Dir of KIFC (Mr. Uus Danu Kusumah) had a visitation to Rumpin Seed Source and Nursery Center (RSSNC) and the National Modern Nursery of Rumpin, which was established in 2021 by President Jokowi. This visit was welcomed by Ms. Chatarina from BPDASHL Citarum-Ciliwung and Ms. Rahayu Wulandini as an acting manager of the modern nursery.

RSSNC itself is a joint project between the Government of Korea and the Government of Indonesia, which started in 2005 when the Record of Discussion (RoD) was signed by both governments. The project was funded by KOICA, until its completion in 2010. in 2011 KIFC and MoF signed an RoD on the development and operation of the RSSNC, and the RoD was amended every year and the last amendment is in 2020. Then, around the RSSNC area, the central government through MoEF developed an large-scale modern nursery for national purposes.

The KIFC team visitation was intended to see the facilities and advanced technology on production of high-quality seedlings through tissue culture technology at RSSNC and to see the seedlings production at modern nursery. As we know, the RSSNC is one of the projects facilitated by KIFC and has now become one of the important nursery sites to support the establishment of the national modern nursery of Rumpin, particularly in terms of research and development of seedlings through tissue culture technology to produce high-quality seedlings.

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