Canal-Blocks Checking at HLG Londerang, Jambi

(05/02), The KIFC peatland project team paid a visit to Catur Rahayu Village in Tanjung Jabung Timur Regency to check the prospective locations for canal-blocking activities. The local governors were also present during the field visit, represented by the staff from Jambi Provincial Environment Service, Jambi Provincial Forestry Service, and the Tanjabtim Regional Environment Service. We checked the existing canals in the village to identify potential priority locations for canal blocks that will be built by the project later on. Canal blocks, when built in the right place based on topographical features, could make a significant impact on the peat ecosystem as they can raise the water level in the surrounding area. If the water table remains high, the peat layers won’t catch fire easily during the dry season.

In addition to the technical and ecological aspects, the project team is also paying full attention to the social aspect by making sure the villagers are well-informed about the project plan prior to its implementation (Free, Prior, and Informed Consent or FPIC).

Rewetting activity is one of four main agendas of the Restoration of Burnt Peatland in Jambi. This joint project is focusing on restoring the Londerang Peat Protected Forest that was burnt repeatedly during the huge forest fires in 2015 and 2019. Aside from Catur Rahayu, the canal blocks are planned to be built across Jati Mulyo and Kota Kandis Dendang Village. The Detailed Engineering Design (DED) and the final priority locations will be determined in early March 2022.

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