Korea-Indonesia, Sumatra Island Peat Restoration Project ‘Fight’

Published by Ecomedia

Sumatra Island Jambi Province Peatland Restoration Zone

Peatland, which serves as the Earth’s carbon storage reservoir, is an organic land formed when plant debris such as tree branches and leaves retain moisture and is not easily decomposed and deposited. Plants can store more than twice the amount of carbon obtained through photosynthesis, and carbon storage is more than ten times higher than that of ordinary soil. We looked into the cooperation project between Korea and Indonesia for the restoration of peatlands. 

With abundant natural resources, there are many possibilities for development.

Indonesia may be perceived as just an island country in Southeast Asia to the general public, but in fact, it has a vast land area that is 19 times the size of South Korea and a strong domestic market supported by a population of 270 million, as well as coal, natural gas, coal, and tin. It boasts abundant underground resources such as copper and nickel. Also located near the equator, Indonesia has achieved an annual average of 5% economic growth in recent years through mass production of palm oil, natural rubber, cocoa, and coffee-based on favorable climate conditions for cultivation. -It is also one of the largest consumers of Hallyu culture such as drama. 

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