Embassies/Government Organizations | Korea-Indonesia Forest Center, 7th issue published

Published by Pagi.co.id

At the Korea-Indian Forestry Center established in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2011 to promote cooperation in forestry between the two countries through an agreement between the governments of Korea and Indonesia, you can see the Indonesian forestry index and recent major policy trends at a glance in January of this year (2021.1). The 7th issue of <Indonesian Forestry Trends> (218 pages, 46 pages: 257mm*188mm) was published. <Indonesian Forestry Trends>, ​​which began with the first issue in 2015 and has been published in a total of 7 so far, provides the latest trends and important information on the forestry sector between Korea and Indonesia, as well as the field of international forest cooperation as well as Korean forest companies that have entered Indonesia. It has been serving as a guide for those involved. 

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