One Day Workshop at Tunak – Lombok

The operation of the result of Korea-Indonesia cooperation project on development of community-based eco-tourism at Gunung Tunak – Lombok has been implemented for nearly one year since its inauguration on 6 March 2018. In accordance with the concept,  which is community-based eco-tourism, the operation and management of the eco-tourism at Tunak is done by the local community group, called ‘Tunak Besopoq”

‘Tunak Besopoq’ is a local community group at Mertak village next to the area of Gunung Tunak Recreation Forest.  The group was officially formed by the Head of the Mertak village on 14 May 2017 with the number of the member is about 83 Mertak villagers.  Among of them, 28 person are female members. As mentioned in the document, the purpose of the formation of the group was to support the development of eco tourism at Tunak Recreation Forest.

To increase the solidity of the group members and to provide more understanding on the roles of ‘Tunak Besopoq’ in the operation of  eco-tourism at Tunak, and how the mechanism of the cooperation between Tunak Besopoq – BKSDA Mataram – KIFC, a one day workshop on  Strengthening Local Community Group ‘Tunak Besopoq’ in Operating Eco Tourism at Forest Recreation Gunung Tunak – Lombok had been held at Tunak on 29 January 2019.

KIFC also took this opportunity to have a meeting with BKSDA on Monday, 28 January 2019 at 15.00 – 17.00, to discuss about the proposal of activities 2019, that submitted to KIFC by BKSDA and the Management of Eco-Tourism Management Tunak. And KIFC also took this opportunity to officially handed over the 10 (ten) units of bicycle, 2 (two) units of motorcycle, and (one) unit of three-wheeled motorcycle to the Management of Tunak Eco-Tourism, soon after the workshop.

Group Photo with Participants

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