The Pedestrian Bridge at Sentul Eco-Edu Tourism Forest (SEETF) is being Renovated

The pedestrian bridge at the SEETF has been using a suspension bamboo bridge since its inauguration  in 2013. The bridge is 31 m long, and 1.5 meter width and is the main access to reach SEETF.  The Director of Korea Indonesia Forest Center (KIFC), Mr. KIM Youngchul, considers that this bridge plays a very important role in increasing the attractiveness of the SEETF. With a good and beautiful construction of the bridge, it will give a good first impression when visitors come to SEETF. Therefore, the Director of KIFC then proposed to the President Director of Perhutani, that the KIFC will renovate  the bridge.

After having consultation with Perhutani and the bridge construction consultant, finally KIFC and Perhutani agreed with the design of the bridge.  The construction no longer using a suspension bridge, but using a permanent bridge, with the most part of the bridge will use first class timber, that is Ulin (Eusideroxylon zwageri), and the main construction will use steel construction.

A small ceremony to start the construction of the bridge was held on 3rd January 2019, attended by the representative of Perhutani, KIFC  and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

The Old Bridge
Design of The New Bridge
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