Field Visit of KIFC Team to the Area of Korea-Indonesia FMU/REDD+ Joint Project at Tasik Besar Serkap

On 18th April 2018, KIFC Team, consisting of Mr. KIM Youngchul (Director of KIFC), Mr. Sugeng Marsudiarto (Co-Director of KIFC), Ms. LEE Youngju (Assistant Director of KIFC), BANG Seohee (internship student) conducted a field visit to the area of Korea-Indonesia FMU/REDD+ Joint Project at Tasik Besar Serkap – Riau Province.

The objectives of the visit was : observing the current field condition of the Korea-Indonesia FMU / REDD + Joint Project at KPH Tasik Besar Serkap, for consideration of further support to the FMU by Korea Forest Service.

The project has been terminated in June 2016, however there is one activity that is still in the process of completion, which is registration of PDD (Project Description Document) to the scheme of VCS (Verified Carbon Standard). 

The PDD, entitled “Preserving Peat Ecosystem Through REDD+ Activity in Kampar Peninsula, Riau, Indonesia” has been completed by SG Consulting- Jakarta, and has been registered to the VCS pipeline, with the Project ID PL.1498, on December 2015, with the status as “Under Validation”.

Field Assessment by validation body – SCS Global Services, from USA, has been conducted in September 2016.  From the field assessment there have been 22 findings that have to be responded by SG Consulting. Up to April 2018, the status of most of the findings are already ‘closed’, there are still remain 5 findings still in the process of closing. It is expected that by July 2018, all the findings would be closed.

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