The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of Indonesia Visited Tunak

Korea Forest Service (KFS) – through Korea-Indonesia Forest Center – in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia is currently developing some recreation facilities at the area of Forest Recreation of Tunak – Mataram.  The Facilities include : Visitor Center, Multi Purpose Building, Guest House, Butterfly Ecology Learning Center, Camping Ground, Forest Trail, and Car Parking Area.  It has been targeted that the completion of the construction would be completed by the end of this year.

H.E. Mr. CHO Taiyoung, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Indonesia, visited Forest Recreation of Tunak on 31stMay 2017.  That was the first visit of the Ambassador to Tunak.  His Exellency Mr. CHO was very impressed with the natural environment of Tunak.  His Exelency expected that eco-tourism facilities being developed by Korea Forest Service at Tunak would contribute to the development of tourism in Mataram, including Mandalika area, and the construction of buildings could be completed without any problem until end of 2017.

The visit of H.E. Mr. CHO Taiyoung to Tunak was accompanied by :

  • Mr. OH Key Pyo, Director General of Korea Indonesia Forest Center;
  • Mr. IM Youngsuk, First Secretary of the Korean Embassy;
  • Mr. CHOI Sundeok, Director of National Forestry Cooperatives Federation;
  • Mr. YOON Kyungik, President Director of PT. KIFC;
  • Mr. PARK Sooyoung, Construction Supervisor;
  • Ms LEE Young Ju, Assistant Director of Korea Indonesia Forest Center;
  • Mr. MOON Jongpil, Project Manager of Korea Indonesia Forest Center;
    During the visit, H.E. Mr. CHO and team planted Ketapang tree at the area of Tunak.
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