Biodiversity Warriors Workshop

Korea-Indonesia Forest Center (KIFC) together with the Management of Sentul Eco-Edu Tourism Forest (SEETF) hosted Biodiversity Warriors Workshop on Thursday 31 March 2016 at SEETF.  This workshop is one of the activities conducted in commemoration of the International Day of Forest 2016 organized by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in collaboration with Yayasan KEHATI, involving students from primary schools : SD RICCI II Bintaro Jakarta, Sekolah Alam Semut-Semut Depok, SD Citra Alam Ciganjur, Sekolah Alam Meruyung and Sekolah Alam Cipedak.  It also involved students from university as preceptor, from Bogor Agriculture University, National University of Jakarta, and State University of Jakarta.

In the workshop, the primary students presented the Green Map of their school that has been made with the guidance of the preceptors.  The Green Map shows the existing biodiversity in their respective schools, both flora and fauna. The Green Map making was conducted during extracurricular activities, guided by the students from the above mentioned universities.

Through this activity, it is expected that the primary students will : – have a good understanding of the biodiversity in their environment including schools; – have skills how to identify, observe and mapping the biodiversity in a simple way; – have a good concern for the importance of biodiversity conservation; – improve presentation skills.

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