Korean Government Contributes to The Indonesian Forest Fire Prevention

The Korean Government has committed to make continuous efforts in enhancing the forest cooperation between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Indonesia.  The forest cooperation between the two countries has been very long time, since the first foreign investment of Korea on forestry in Indonesia in 1968, before the two countries established a diplomatic relations in 1973.  Since then,  the forest cooperation between the two countries continuously developed.

The Korean government understands that the land and forest fires in Indonesia in 2015 was a tremendous disaster. Therefore, the Korean government intends to contribute in forest and land fire prevention by providing forest fire controlling equipments, consisting of 60 units motor cycles, to be used for patrolling for prevention of forest fire, and 15  units of three-wheels motorcycle equipped with a water pump to be used for extinguishing small fires.

On 29 March 2015, those motorcycles was handed over by the First Secretary of the Korean Embassy, Mr. Sangick Lee, on behalf of the Korean Government to the Director General of Forestry Planning and Environmental Governance, Prof. San Afri Awang, on behalf of the Indonesian Government.  Prof. San Afri Awang, on his remark, convey his great thankfulness and appreciation to the Government of Korea for the support of those equipments, that will be used for forest fire prevention at Forest Management Units (FMU).  The equipment will be soon distributed to 50 FMU at 12 provinces, including 7 provinces that frequently experience forest fire.

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