Students of Kookmin University of Korea Visited KIFC

On 4th February 2016, 34 students and two Professors of College of Forest Science, Kookmin University of Korea ( Prof. Yoon Young-Kyoon and Prof. Kim Hyoung-Jin) and 3 Lecturers of Bandung Institute of Technology visited KIFC office.  This visit is part of the two weeks International Student Exchange Program between Kookmin University and Bandung Institute of Technology.

The International Student Exchange Progam this year is the third program.  The program was first implemented in 2014, beginning with the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between the two universities on February 2, 2014.  The MoA contained some fields of cooperation between the two sides, among others: 1. The exchange of academic content and publications; 2. Visit exchange between the two schools members; 3. Cooperation in the field of research and symposium; 4. Exchange of undergraduate and graduate students, and several other academic activities that benefit both parties.

During two weeks of the Students Exchange Program, the students from the two sides attending lectures related to forestry, field visit, conducting charity and cultural activities.  The lectures, charity and cultural activities were conducted at the campus of Bandung Institute of Technology, whereas the field visit was at community forestry at Gunung Geulis – Sumedang.

During the visit to KIFC office at Manggala Wanabakti Building – Jakarta, the students were informed about the collaboration between Korea and Indonesia in the field of forestry.  They also visited Forestry Museum near by the KIFC office. 

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