Bilateral Meeting

Extension of The FMU/REDD+ Korea-Indonesia Joint Project in Tasik Besar Serkap

On Wednesday ,13 January 2016, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry has conducted a Korea-Indonesia Bilateral Meeting in Hotel Santika Slipin-Jakarta.  The main agenda of the meeting was evaluation of the achievement of FMU/REDD+ Korea-Indonesia Joint Project in Tasik Besar Serkap and the extension of the project.

This bilateral meeting was considered as an important moment to seek the format of the extension of the project.  It was concluded  in the 3rd Meeting of Joint Steering Committee of the project held in Pekanbaru on 1 April 2015, that  : Both countries agreed to finalize the project by the end of 2015.  The exit strategy will be implemented for six months starting from January 2016, using remaining budget and the balance brought forward of the project. The conclusion was reinforced on the occasion of the bilateral meeting held in Yogyakarta on 1st October 2016, which was concluded that Both sides noted that the implementation of exit strategy from January to June 2016 (6 months), will be organized by KIFC (Korea-Indonesia Forest Center)

However,  during the implementation of this project in late 2015, both sides considered that the operation of the PMU of the project is still required until June 2016, since there were some activities that still need to be clarified for the final report of the project.  The Korea Forest Service (KFS) also has the same opinion concerning the need for the extension of the operation of FMU, as stated in the official letter addressed to the Director of the International Cooperation Bureau, dated 8 January, 2016.

The meeting was attended by representative from both countries.  The participants from the Korean side were :

  1. Mr. Lee Sangick (First Secretary of the Korean Embassy in Jakarta)
  2. Mr. Oh Keypyo (The Director of Korea-Indonesia Forest Center/KIFC)
  3. Mr. Lee Seonghwan, (Korea Co-Director of the Project)
  4. Ms. Lee Youngju (Assistant of the Director of KIFC)
  5. Ms. Lee Sungrae (Assistant of the Korea Co-Director of the project)
  6. Mr. Moon Jongpill (Project Manager of KIFC)

Whereas the participants from the Indonesian side were :

  1. Mr. Ismugiono (PEA)
  2. Ms. Nining Ngudi Purnamaningtyas (MoEF)
  3. Mr. Ali Djajono (MoEF)
  4. Ms. Ima Yudin Rayaningtyas (MoEF).
  5. Mr. Sugeng Marsudiarto (Indonesia Co-Director of KIFC)
  6. Mr. Andi Andriadi (Indonesia Co-Director of the project)
  7. Mr. Armunanto (Secondee of the Project)
  8. Ms. Ari Sylvia Febryanti (MOEF)
  9. Ms. Puri Puspita Sari (MOEF)
  10. Ms. Susi Susanti (MOEF)
  11. Mr. Ade Mukadi (MOEF)
  12. Mr. Gusti Eka Saputra (MOEF)
  13. Mr. Dodi Andriadi (FMU/REDD+ Project)
  14. Ms. Nikmah Yuli W (MOEF)
  15. Ms. Melani (MOEF)
  16. Mr. Sarjan Horis (MOEF)

After a long discussion, both sides agreed the following conclutios :

  1. In accordance to the Record of Discussion between RoK and Rl signed in January 25th of 2012, both sides agreed to amend the duration of the project to June 30th, 2016.
  2. Both sides agreed that this Minutes of Bilateral Meeting will be a valid legal basis for the implementation of project from January 1st to June 30th 2016.
  3. Both sides accepted the project progress report until 31 December 2015 as presented in Annex 3.
  4. Both sides agreed on the main activities to be conducted in 2016, which are the completion of Final Reports and Implementation of Exit Strategy activities as presented in Annex 4.
  5. Both sides agreed to extend the PMU to implement the activities as described in the Annex 4.
  6. Both sides agreed PMU should develop necessary TORs for the activities described in Annex 4.
  7. Both sides agreed that all the activities to be finalized by the end of June 2016. Should there be remaining activities, it will be further discussed in the final bilateral meeting to be held in June 2016
  8. Both sides agreed that PMU may make adjustments of the activities in annex 4 with the approval of PEA and should notify the adjustments to both sides.
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