Preparing for 22nd Indonesia-Korea Forest Committee (IKFC) and 8th Indonesia-Korea Forest Forum (IKFF) Meetings

The Korea Forest Service (KFS) will hold IKFC and IKFF meetings on the first week of June 2015. This is a bilateral meeting on forestry development between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Indonesia that held alternately in the two countries every two years.  The last meeting was held in Jakarta in 2013.

For the preparation of the meetings, on 7 May 2015, the Center for International Cooperation, Ministry of Environment and Forestry held a meeting to discuss some Concept Notes of projects that will be proposed to the bilateral meetings. 

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry is preparing the following 7 (seven) Concept Notes :

  1. Development of Arboretum in Provinces as Part of Creating Urban Forest;
  2. Development of On-Line Remote Sensing and Other Spatial Data Network to Support Implementation of One Map Policy;
  3. Bio-Ethanol Development of Nipah (Nypa fruticans) from Riau Island;
  4. Low-Carbon Green Village Development Through Social Forestry;
  5. Watershed management Through ASEAN-ROK Cooperation.
  6. Developing Pre-Condition of Mangrove Plantation Technique;
  7. Forest-Based Bioenergy Development : an Alternative Approach to Secure National Energy
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