Korea Forest Service Visited The Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia

On Thursday 16 April 2015, Ms. Lee Soonwook the Director of Forestry Trade Division, Korea Forest Service (KFS) and Ms. Kwag Eunkyung Deputy Director Forestry Trade Division visited the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to discuss about the Regulation of the Minister of Trade of Indonesia No. 78/M-DAG/PER/10/2014 on Import of Forest Products.  The meeting was held at Manggala Wanabakti Building Block 1 5th floor, chaired by Senior Adviser of the Minister of Environment and Forestry for Economy and International Trade, Dr. Ida Bagus Putera Parthama.  Attended the meeting from the MoEF was : The Head of International Cooperation (Ir. Sri Murniningtyas, MSc), Deputy Director of Performance Appraisal for Industry and Forest Product Marketing (Dr. Wilistra Danny), Deputy Director of Timber Legality Verification ( Mrs. Mariana Lubis) and some ather MoEF staffs : Mr. Marinus, Mr. Yoga Prayoga and Ms. Boby.  Also attended the meeting were : Mr. Lee Sang Ick (The First Secretary of the Korean Embassy), Mr. Sugeng Marsudiarto (Indonesia Co-Director of Korea-Indonesia Forest Center/KIFC), and Mrs. Lee Young-ju (Assistant Director of KIFC).

Given that the regulation will take effect starting on 1 September 2015, there should be a clear understanding of the regulation.  During the meeting, particularly discussing about Article 1 Paragraph 7 and Article 6 Paragraph (1).h of the regulation.  The chair of the meeting had clearly explain about the issue.  He and the Head of International Cooperation offered two alternatives that can be taken by the Korea on this issue, first : developing an MRA (Mutual Recognition Agreement) and second : using a certificate issued by the authority body of the country of origin of imported product.  Among those two alternatives, Ms Lee Soonwook would first discuss with the KFS.

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