A New Open Hall at Sentul Eco-Edu Tourism Forest (SEETF) has Officially Opened for Public

On Wednesday, 18 March 2015, the Director of Korea-Indonesia Forest Center (KIFC) and the Head of Perum Perhutani Regional West Java-Banten, on behalf of the President Director of Perum Perhutani, had inaugurated the use of an Open Hall for visitors at Sentul Eco-Edu Tourism Forest (SEETF), located at Karang Tengah Village, Sentul – Bogor.   Since then, the visitors of the SEETF will be able to use the Open Hall (named : Rasamala) for gathering and any other activities. The hall is quite large, 200 m2, could accommodate approximately 50-60 people for group activities.

The ceremony of the inauguration was attended by approximately 50 people, consisting of representatives from KIFC, KGPA Indonesia, PT. KIFC, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Perum Perhutani, Local Government and local people as well as the SEETF staffs. The ceremony includes planting trees, in which the Director of KIFC planted Rasamala tree, same as the name of the new Open Hall, Rasamala. 

The construction of the Rasamala Open Hall is to complement the existing facilities that had been previously built by the KIFC. On the year 2011 to 2012, KIFC had built 10 buildings, including office building, dormitories,  guest houses, mosque , information center, security post, and canteen. It is expected that those facilities would be able to provide comfort for visitors, and make more more people and students interested in visiting the SEETF for recreation, education and other activities.

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