FMU/REDD+ Korea Joint Project: The 3rd Joint Steering Committee Meeting

The 3rd JSC meeting of the FMU/REDD+ Korea Indonesia Joint Project has been conducted successfully on 1st April 2015 at Premiere Hotel Pekanbaru, Riau Province.  The meeting were attended by JSC members from Korea and Indonesia and some invitees from the two countries.   Korean Delegation was led by Dr. Park Eunsik, Acting Director General of International Affairs Bureau, Korea Forest Service, whereas the Indonesian Delegation was led by Ir. Basoeki Karyaatmadja, M.Sc, Senior Advisor to the Minister of Environment and Forestry. Three main issues had been discussed during the meeting were : Overview and Progress of the Project, Achievement report of Annual Work Plan  2014, and Annual Work Plan for the year 2015.

The meeting was officially opened by Mr. Basuki Karyaatmadja, who is also as Indonesia Co-Chair in the meeting. He emphasized that in accordance to PEA monitoring, the project has achieved some targets especially on FMU issues and capacity building activities have been conducted, however for REDD+ activities has not  resulted optimal output yet, so the focus area for 2015 are accomplishment of REDD+ activities, capacity building and facilitating Tasik Besar Serkap FMU in executing its FMU Management Plan.  Further more, he mentioned that another important matters needed to be evaluated are the project output and outcome, and also preparation for the exit strategy after the project ended. He was also thank to Korea Forest Service for supporting the project.

 Dr. Park Eunsik, who is also Korea Co-Chair in the meeting, mentioned in his remarks that on behalf of Korea Forest Service he thanked to the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry for organizing the 3rd JSC Meeting and supporting Korea-Indonesia FMU/REDD+ Project in Tasik Besar Serkap for its successful implementation. The implementation of the project is one of the efforts of to strengthen the long standing partnership and cooperation between the two countries. Also, REDD+ has emerged as a key solution to mitigate climate change and he believes that the two countries will be able to make their extensive cooperation on various areas based on the experience that the two counties obtained through the project.

Furthermore Prof. Dr. Ir. Irwan Effendi, MSc. The Head of Riau Province Forest Service, in his welcoming remarks extended his welcome to Pak Dr. Eunsik Park, Ir. Basoeki Karyatmadja, and for all participants.  He emphasized that FMU Tasik Besar Serkap in the past is a temporary organization, but currently already recognized by provincial government with the issuance of Local Government Decree. Then he introduced the organizational structure of FMU. He informed that Provincial Government of Riau support the project of KI FMU/REDD+ Project in Tasik Besar Serkap, and Government of Riau will continue to improve and empower communities surrounding areas and keep sustainability of forest in Riau. He informed that in next year, Riau will continue to conduct the program of green village and green school.

The meeting was attended by Ir. Basah Hernowo, MA

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